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Bhutan 2020

Happiness in a Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom

Tentative Dates Oct. 25 - Nov. 11, 2020.

This will be our 11th year of trips to Bhutan, a unique country.


We will stage in Bangkok for two nights and return there for one night before continuing home.



  • Drives and short hikes in Bhutan’s spectacular forests and valleys with views of 7000 meter snowcapped peaks.

  • Visits to fortress monasteries (Dzong,) rural farmsteads, schools, nunneries and historic sites.

  • Observing the masked dances at a local religious festival.  We always build our trips around the best traditional dance locations.  

  • Participating in discussions with leading national resource people on Bhutanese politics, economy, religion, society, music, folklore and Gross National Happiness.

  • Hiking to the famous Taktsang Monastery “Tigers Nest.”

  • Tour leaders this year will be our Bhutanese Travel Partner and guide, Tashi Tobden and archaeologist/geologist/innkeeper Steve Wilke.

10/25/ - 11/11/2020

I will send you cost, conditions and detailed itinerary.

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