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"This trip has imprinted indelible images of the people, locations, food, and laughter we all shared...[You have] created a very rich and unforgettable experience for us. What a culmination [to the year] we have all shared!" -J.W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Kampuchea, 2005)


Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"I just loved the trip, loved Roger and Nancy, and the care and attention 'yawl' gave to each of us. You had money ready to change, answers to all our questions, snacks galore, alternate transportation, you think on your feet really well, keep organized (HOW, oh how??) and I just loved each moment"! Of course, you couldn't have created a better group if you'd designed each of us to fit with the others...we played so well together!" S.J. (Laos & Vietnam, 2009-10)


South Carolina

"The emphasis on getting to know the people and giving back along the way really added...Special thanks to Nancy and Roger for their amazing consideration of all of our needs and the emphasis on people and their culture" S.D. Corrales, New Mexico. (Laos & Vietnam, 2009-10)


Corrales, New Mexico

"Roger, we can't praise you enough for this memorable life experience. Your organization and choices of things to see and do are just a wonderful mix of education, adventure and fun--not to mention the many good and new foods we got to experience over many bowls of good humor." EP Seattle, Washington 2008 (Thailand, Laos & Kampuchea, 2008)


Seattle, Washington

""...another life altering experience... I learn more about myself each time I travel with you." H.R. Chicago, Ill. (Laos and Vietnam, 2009-2010)


Chigago, Ill.

"A fabulous learning experience!...I appreciate the fact that there was this peaceful harmony among our group. I felt so welcomed and really part of the group.“ M.B. Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico (Acoma and Gallup portions of New Mexico trip, 2010)


Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico

"My overall evaluation, as I've told family and friends, is that our trip was quite satisfying in aspects of the group compatibility, areas visited, and activities selected. Our accommodations were at least adequate and usually quite fine--in fact, I am used to traveling under much more spartan conditions, so this was a luxury trip for me in that regard. The timing was excellent, with just enough time at each place and a good balance between travel and rest." K.S. Ohio (Laos, 2009).



"Roger's humanitarian perspective and extensive experience in the region, as well as his fluency in the language, provides a depth of people-to-people contact that is extraordinary and quite meaningful." ...Your patience and personal efforts on a trip are amazing. I also appreciate the small group size." K.S. Ohio (Laos, 2009).



What a great trip, what great new friends. quite eye opening for all of us I‘m sure, and you [other travelers] are quite welcome to visit us in Albuquerque.“ B.D & S. D. New Mexico (Laos & Vietnam, 2009-10)

B.D. & S.D.

New Mexico

The trip of a lifetime." D.H., Wisconsin (Thailand, Laos, Kampuchea, 2007)



"I had never joined a group for travel, generally, I avoid group travel, but something about his flyer pulled me in to further inquiry. After connecting via email with Roger, and then engaging online video chatting, I made a decision within days that I would participate in his Bhutan trip. It ended up being one of the most enriching experiences-intellectually, culturally, socially, and interpersonally- of my adult life. 

"One aspect I particularly enjoyed, was that the entire worldview behind the travel was to come to experience, learn, and more greatly appreciate the other as well as the self. With a most gracious and respectful tone, Roger and Nancy continuously strived to engage those we visited, people on the street, working in hotels, restaurants, wherever, in friendly dialogue. I have a shyness tendency. Roger is the perfect ambassador type, he seems to engage others with ease and then, gently brought me into the conversation, thus, enriching my experiences even more. It was always casual, comfortable, pleasurable. We had around 10 days in Bhutan, then 4 in India. When I left to return to the states, the sense of goodwill and good-feelings remained with me for several weeks. This was my first group experience and I have all the intentions of doing more, esp with Roger and Nancy... 

"Another helpful element for me, I decided to go to Thailand early (approx 2 weeks early) to explore the area on my first venture there. Roger assisted me in finding accommodation in Bangkok and also, in putting me in contact with a friend in northern Thailand. I ended up making a journey to Chaing Rai for about 5 days, and visiting the hill-tribe villages, some NGO's doing work in an area of interest (ending human trafficking) and touring to the borders of Burma. I would never ever have made such a venture without Roger's guidance and direct help in setting things up. It was one of those trips of a life-time. 

"The kind of travel that we all did, in Bhutan and also India, to be transformative. And that is what I think many of us are seeking: quiet transformation like breathing in air. That is also what I see in the eyes of others I have met that have traveled with you and Nancy, I see it in their eyes. No one really speaks of it because it is so personally sacred, but it is there in the eyes for anyone who wants the signals. So yes, give my name to potential travelers…I would love to speak with them… and expect a bus load of takers!! K.H. Albuquerque (Bhutan & India, 2010)



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